The Golf Swing Release, Explained

The release

We at Pause-N-Throw are not afraid of tackling the most dense, technical, mind numbingly intense theoretical golf treatises out there. Remember when we tackled the Moment of Inertia and what it means for golf? Yeah, that was a classic. Now we’re back to give you a review of what might well be the War and Peace of the golf swing – complete with footnotes.

It’s a marathon academic article called “Hand Release Actions Through the Impact Zone”, though in what may perhaps be a tribute to BuzzFeed, it comes with a few GIF moving image files to illustrate some of its points.

Needless to say, we can’t give you all the details. But the essential point of the article is this: the greatest way to add accuracy to your golf swing is not to rotate the club face with respect to the shaft. It also points out the importance of the double-pivot lever action during the swing. In terms of the backswing, I haven’t yet found a reference to the flat wrist. But in the tests we’ve run with Pause-N-Throw, we’ve found that it’s a great way to avoid this pitfall that is one of the big causes of inaccuracy in the golf swing.

Now isn’t it good to know you’ve got physics on your side while you play golf? Stay tuned for more golf thinkage.