Good Problems: Driving Too Long

400 yard drive baby!Long time readers of the Pause-N-Throw blog will recognize our fiend and intellectual champion of sorts (he supports a swing that the Pause-N-Throw teaches), Jaacob Bowden. As a golfer, Jaacob has a problem that many golfers would love to have: he hits the ball too far.

A few years ago, I invited Jaacob to my local driving range to show me how to add some distance. He watched my swing, then gave me a few tips. Then, I asked him, “Could you demonstrate that for me?”

Jaacob teed the ball up on one of the rubber tees furnished by the range, then cranked a drive straight over the fence that was at the back of the 250 yard driving range and 100 feet tall. The ball then crossed the street behind the range and plopped down on the tennis courts across the street. Some poor guy must have missed his serve after that shot. Soon afterward, a voice came on the loudspeaker. “Attention: would driving range patrons please refrain from hitting balls over the fence?”

It was satisfying.