Pause-N-Throw for the Holidays

This holiday season, we’ve got a great idea for the golfer in your family: our training aid, the Pause-N-Throw! The Pause-N-Throw makes a wonderful gift for any golfer. It’s the only training aid that improves full swings, chipping and putting. It improves both distance and accuracy, it is portable and travels with you wherever you …


Merry Christmas from Pause-N-Throw

It’s been four years since we’ve delivered our first Pause-N-Throw training aid. During that time we have shipped hundreds of Pause-N-Throws to countries all over the world. We have nothing but good feedback from the people who use the Pause-N-Throw. And some golfers have said it’s the best training device on the market. Thanks for …


Christmas Tree Chipping

It’s that time again! The kids are jingle belling, and everyone is telling you to be of good cheer – despite the fact that for you, an avid golfer, it’s impossible to be of good cheer when your local golf course is under two feet of snow. But fear not! We here at Pause-N-Throw have …


Merry Christmas from Pause-N-Throw!

Christmas is here, and we the good folks at Pause-N-Throw want to wish you a wonderful celebration! May your days be merry and bright, and may all your drives be straight! Image courtesy of Cave Views

Winter Rules: Christmas Golf

While the downside to playing golf during the winter is having to endure frigid temperatures, it also gives you the benefit of allowing you to take advantage of “Winter rules”. What are winter rules, you ask? Well, if you’re playing golf during Christmas or other times during the winter, you have the option of playing …


A Golfer’s Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for golfers. Despite the fact that golfers don’t like being stuck behind trees, and one of the most popular symbols of Christmas is a tree, Christmas has many benefits for golfers everywhere. Colder weather can be a hassle to play through, it’s true. But there are also advantages of playing …