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Golf: The Accuracy Challenge

Golfers usually spend most of their time worrying about their scores, and how long their drives are. But this leaves out an important factor: accuracy. To help fix this, we here at Pause-N-Throw have devised a way to bring your … Continue reading

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Stay Healthy by Playing Golf

These days, many of us are trying to stay in shape. And though golf isn’t known to be a huge draw for fitness buffs, if you play it the right way, it can definitely be a net benefit for your … Continue reading

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Tips For Golfing In Foreign Countries

There’s plenty of good golf to be played in the US (where the majority of our readers are from). And if you don’t live in the US, there’s probably at least a couple of good golf courses were you are … Continue reading

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How to Skip A Golf Ball on Water

Ever been jealous of those trick shot golfers who could skip a ball across water? It looks hard and, honestly, it is. In addition, it doesn’t really serve any practical purpose. But it’s a great way to impress your friends … Continue reading

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