Golf: The Accuracy Challenge

BarknadoGolfers usually spend most of their time worrying about their scores, and how long their drives are. But this leaves out an important factor: accuracy. To help fix this, we here at Pause-N-Throw have devised a way to bring your accuracy up quickly. It’s called the accuracy challenge.

Here’s how it works. The next time you play a round of golf, pick up a second scorecard. Then, when you go out on the course, pick a spot in the dead center of the fairway (or for a par 3, use the pin). On your second scorecard, keep track of how often you hit this spot. Break it up into different categories; then give yourself a score based on how close you get. In other words, if your shot goes into the rough, count it as zero. It it’s on the fairway but more than 5-10 yards off line, count it as one. And within 5-10 yards, count it as two.

Then, when your round is over, count up your total. Obviously the top score would be 36 (for 18 holes). Also compare this accuracy challenge score with your actual score to see how improvements in your accuracy brings down your overall score.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your accuracy, why not try the Pause N Throw? With the accuracy challenge, you can see clearly just how much your accuracy improves. Try it today!