Power Golf, Not Fast Golf

Captain KirkIt may be tempting to want to get amped up mentally before you begin a round of golf. And in many ways this is important. But be careful of what instructions you give your brain before you play. Here are a few tips about what to be thinking, and how to phrase your thoughts, before you tee off.

If you say “swing harder”, the brain will speed everything up. This seems like a good thing, but it can be counterproductive. In reality, all that’s necessary is for the right section of the swing to be fast. Just look at pros, like Chris Kirk, and see how everything’s is in sync. He carries the ball 285 yards so he must be generating a lot of clubhead speed, even though his swing looks smooth.

In addition to thinking the right thoughts, one way to keep your mind in the right place on the links is good training. That’s where the Pause-N-Throw training aid comes in. It helps to restrict wild swings and promote fast motion in the hitting area. Try it today!