Golf Swings: Steep or Shallow?

Ike MostinOne of our favorite Golfers, Mike Austin, loved to say that the golf swing was like “a Ferris Wheel, not a merry-go-round”. And he was right. In more precise golf parlance, the “steep” (Ferris Wheel) swing is widely recognized to be more advantageous than the “shallow” (merry-go-round) swing. Here’s why.

As you might imagine, the shallow swing involves greater twisting of the torso on a plane parallel to the ground, thus the merry-go-round characterization. This might seem like an advantage at first, but really it makes the swing much more unstable, introducing a greater possibility of inside out motions and uneven contact with the ball by the clubhead plane.

The steep swing, by contrast, involves a more concentrated effort by the legs and torso to propel the club in a vertical circle, in what Austin describes as a whip-like motion. To achieve this, it’s advantageous not to take the club too far back and use the flat-wristed backswing. A steeper swing usually means more accurate and no fat shots.

And that is exactly what the Pause N Throw teaches. We had the Austin swing in mind when we designed our product, and now it’s helping golfers everywhere to obtain this superior swing. Try it today!