Graceful Golf Transitions

If you want to see all kinds of different golf swing styles on display, there’s no better place than your local driving range. Walk down the row of golfers at any driving range and just watch the transition from backswing to down swing. Look at the golfers who make this transition smoothly and you will see how important it is. Here is a great montage of long driver Jaacob Bowden to see a silky smooth transition.

Still, it’s hard to tell exactly how to make that transition. But never fear, that’s where the Pause-N-Throw comes in! It helps you feel where you are at the top of the golf swing, and this in turn helps you to make a smoother transition into the downswing, and more effective contact with the ball.

As our golf hero Mike Ausitn used to say, often with a sinister growl: “Right at the top of the golf swing is where most golfers screw it up!” But now there’s a great way not to: the Pause-N-Throw. Give it a try!