New Testimonial: Pause-n-Throw Works!

Testimonial Thumbs way the hell up A friend from Texas has been working with the Pause-N-Throw and he said it finally taught him the right hand position at the top of the backswing. He said, “Golf is a feel sport and you have to feel the right position while you’re in motion, not just stationary. With the Pause-N-Throw I can groove the right feel. When I’m playing, and I mishit a shot, I know it’s because I didn’t do what the device is training me to do. I swing a weighted club every day with the Pause-N-Throw on and it’s making a real difference. You don’t have to go to the range to get a real benefit from the Pause-N-Throw.”

Why not give Pause-N-Throw a try for yourself and feel the right swing motion? It slips on effortlessly, you can carry it in your golf bag, and is great for improving both distance and accuracy in your golf game!