Curing a Slice: How Long Does It Take?

Tick tockSometimes, it seems like there’s nothing you can do to fix those horrible slices and improve your golf game. The worst part is when you feel like you’ve turned a corner and then go right back to slicing. It’s all too common: you hit the driving range and your drives are straight as an arrow. Then, under game conditions, you’re right back to slicing. What does it take to cure a slice, and how long can you reasonably expect to take to make sure your slice is cured?

As we always like to point out, you need to practice to cure your slice, and not just practice but practice the correct motion. That’s what the Pause-N-Throw device does, is train the right motion. Our users have had impressive results; some have been able to cure their slice right away while using it (see some of our testimonials for more). But for most, to be able to cure a slice without wearing the Pause-N-Throw will take a little bit of time. Nevertheless, with regular practice (even at home taking practice swings with the Pause-n-Throw on), curing a slice can be done relatively quickly, in as little as a few weeks. The key is feeling the swing path the Pause-N-Throw guides you to make.