Meet Your Golf Date

If you’re looking for love, here’s an idea: why not find your perfect match during a golf match?

Though having the same interests as a future romantic partner isn’t a guarantee for a lasting relationship, it can be a huge help. And if you’re a big golfer, that means looking for love on the links might not be a bad idea. For men, this might be a bit tougher, as the sport is a bit more popular among male golfers. Nevertheless, women who play golf can be great for you if you’re looking for a long lasting relationship with something in common with the person you’re with. And for women, the greater number of male golfers may be a natural advantage.

A good place to start is by showing up solo and going in to the starter to be put in with a larger group. Though this doesn’t always guarantee that the people you’re with will be looking for love too, it’s at least a good way to get to know people, and it may even lead to something!