Golf Accuracy: Connection, not Correction

Golf AccuracyI like to play golf with my sons from time to time. One of them once told me, “Whenever I hit the ball, I always hit it about 3 degrees left. So, whenever I aim, I just aim 3 degrees right of wherever I want the ball to go and – voila! Accurate golf.”

I suppose this is a more fortunate situation than many other golfers, such as big time slicers, find themselves in. Nonetheless, if you’re serious about playing good golf, quick fixes like this won’t cut it. You need reliable accuracy, that can only come from a correctly made golf swing.

And where better to start than at the beginning? Making sure you have a good backswing will make sure you don’t have make unreliable corrections and can get the accuracy you need. The most accurate backswing you can get is the flat wristed backswing, which you get from the Pause-N-Throw. It will also help you stay connect, moving your weight so you have power in the impact zone. Once you find the slot, your ball will fly straight and farther than you ever dreamed. So invest in your game. Get a Pause-N-Throw and step up to the next level.