Best Pre-Golf Breakfasts

snow golfUsually, waking up means another slog through the daily grind at your work. But not today. You’ve managed to save up a sick day, or for whatever other reason don’t need to go in to work. And that means just one thing: Golf! But not so fast, in order to play good golf you have to eat right. Here are a few things to eat for breakfast before your round of golf.

First off, you need to keep your muscles satisfied. A friend of mine is a professional long driver who tells me that protein is important before a round of golf, especially if you want more power. So, look for foods such as almonds, lean meats, or (for people with low cholesterol) eggs.

But there’s more to golf than raw power, it’s also a mental game. To think well while you’re on the course, try a breakfast of brain foods. The best foods for helping your brain are berries, which contain brain-friendly anti-oxidants. Also, try adding flax seed to other meals like cereal or yogurt for a boost. You can also try supplements like ginseng after finishing your breakfast.

And now for the big question: coffee. Most pros consider coffee like a strong poison. For years I always got a cup of Joe at the turn. But you have to manage it carefully. If you played well on the front 9 buy a cup but nurse it. You don’t want any sudden jolts to your system.

Think about what you eat and you’ll play better. And, one last thing: no beer until the 19th hole.