Don’t Let Hazards Phase You

Gilligan's Island greenAt Pause-N-Throw, we’ve spent a lot of amount of time talking about the mental game of golf. And one important mental component of the game is avoiding intimidation. When you see a water hazard or sand trap in front of you, it psyches you out. Hazards are scary, it’s true, but there’s an easy way for you to keep them from affecting your game.

Here’s the secret: practice your swing a lot, with the right motion, so much that it becomes almost impossible to stray from the right swing pattern. If you’re looking for a good way to practice the right swing, check out our product, the Pause-N-Throw golf swing training device. With the right swing firmly ingrained in your mind, your nerves and your muscles, you can step up to the tee box with a big hazard staring you right in the face and still hit the ball straight every time.

Groove your swing with the Pause-N-Throw.