The Ultimate Pre-Golf Routine

Checks and balancesAs a dedicated golfer, your want to make sure you have the right routine to make sure you’re dynamite off the first tee. Here are three key elements that make up the ultimate pre-golf routine:

  • • Eat right. Golf is a mental as well as physical game. To make sure your body and mind functions well on the golf course, eat a breakfast with a good amount of protein, but also brain foods like blueberries and flax seed. For more, see our post on eating right on game days.
  • • Listen to music. This might seem trivial, but it really helps to get you in the right mental state for the game. Pick a song with a good rhythm and let that rhythm sink into your mind. I read once that the “Blue Danube” was used by championship golfers to establish a good rhythm. Pick a song, practice to that song, and then sing it to yourself as you play.
  • • Warm up right. Hit the driving range and the putting green. This is a good time to use some of your training aids. Users of our product, the Pause-N-Throw golf swing training device, are fond of putting it on before they play for those first few shots that set the tone for the rest of the round. Give it a try, you’ll find it helps you to get locked in to the right swing.
  • • Save the beer for the 19th hole. I can’t believe the way golfers think they can drink beer and play well. For one thing, your need good balance for golf and beer will take you in the opposite direction.