Curing a Slice: Before and After

Although distance is often the flashiest element of the drive, it’s equally important to be accurate off the tee box. Curing a slice can make a world of difference to your score and also makes for a prettier drive. Let’s take a quick look at what a typical drive looks like before and after curing a slice.

Before: Tink! You uncork a drive with 100% force, and the ball shoots forward. Great, you think, but your happiness is short lived. Out of the blue, your ball abruptly changes its mind, darting quickly to the right, and your once beautiful tee shot turns ugly. As the thought of hitting a second shot from two inch deep rough sets in, you brace yourself for a difficult hole and think about how you should have spent more time curing your slice.

After: You step up to the tee, nervous this time. You slowly take your backswing, then with great determination, bring the club to the ball. It shoots off the tee, but you hold your breath, expecting it to nose dive once again. But like a good friend who never lets you down, your drive holds its line. You’ve set yourself up for a par on this hole, and you think to yourself, “curing a slice is awesome!”