Can an App Help Your Game?

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Golfers never tire of seeking ways to fix common problems, like slices and hooks. And in today’s world, where Silicon Valley churns out hundreds of mobile apps per day for nearly everything? Why not use an app to improve your golf game?

There are some pretty good lists of golf apps out there. has a list of the top 8 apps for cell phones, while the app store Appcrawlr lists 25 top golf apps, including one that uses your phone’s camera to analyze your swing. There are also apps that are meant to be used during a round. Golfers will be happy to know that the USGA rules for regular play do allow apps, as long as they don’t measure the ground slope or wind (though you can fudge that last one by looking at a weather forecast). And now, there’s even an app for decoding the notoriously dense USGA rules themselves!

But, despite their flashiness and high-tech chic, at the end of the day you will still have to improve your golf swing by actually swinging, and grooving the right motion to really be effective. Traditional golf training aids may not be able to log into your Twitter account for you, but you’ll need them if you want to shoot more birdies. And there’s no reason the two can’t be used in conjunction, for things such as tracking your progress.