3 Signs You Need a New Training Aid

The Toss

Golf training aids com in all shapes and sizes. But how can you tell if the new training aid you picked up will really help your game? Here are three telltale signs that it’s time to ditch your current training aid and get a new one.

1. Your game hasn’t improved

The most common reason to give up on your golf training aid is that it simply isn’t working. First of all, training aids should be teaching a golf swing style that actually works. Though it’s important to give you training aid a reasonable amount of time to have an effect, you can’t wait forever. And even if the training aid is working, it may be teaching a swing that doesn’t have any advantage over your old one.

2. You’ve fixed one problem and created another

Every golfer wants to cure their slice, but what good will that do if it only does so by giving you a hook? The right training aid will not only help you to correct ineffective golf motions, but will replace them with ones that let you hit longer, straighter shots.

3. The training aid broke

What good is a golf training aid if it breaks apart within a couple days of buying it? Flashy looking training aids may get your attention – we’ve covered the “helicopter” training aid in a previous post – but more moving parts often make for a device that more easily breaks down with repeated use. Simpler designs are usually a good bet for sturdiness and longevity.

And if you’re looking for a device that avoids all these pitfalls, why not try the Pause-N-Throw?