World’s Coolest Driving Ranges

Driving ranges are nothing more than big chunks of empty land for golfers to duff balls at in a vain effort to cure their slices, right? Not always. Here’s a list of some of the coolest driving ranges anywhere.

Chelsea Piers


A perfect fit for the Big Apple, the world’s economic capital, Chelsea Piers is a classic example of the law of supply and demand. We all know that the one thing that high powered New York financiers love as much as money is golf. So, bottle up enough of them on a small, densely populated island and eventually they’ll build up enough demand for a driving range, even in the insane New York real estate market. The 4-level Chelsea Piers is a sight to be seen, though a bucket of balls will set you back a pretty penny. But it shouldn’t matter with all the mad money you’re making on stock deals, right?

Uline Sports Arena


A Gizmodo article calls this DC area driving range “psychedelic” and something that “Hunter S. Thompson would love.” And thankfully, you don’t need a suitcase full of mind altering drugs to appreciate this one. An intricate light show changes around you with every shot you take. Perhaps they have a “game over” sign that pops up if you hit a shank?

Aroma Wilshire Center


Being from Southern California, we at Pause-N-Throw can’t leave the west coast out of this list – after all, we love to drive! Unlike New York, our city is not blessed with a driving range with a sweeping vista of, um, New Jersey. But we’ve managed to put a unique new twist on the concept of urban driving ranges. Inspired by our love of cars, and the fact that crushing traffic has long since made any real driving range more than an hour’s drive during rush hour, this Koreatown driving range is basically just a massive net placed over a parking lot. Hit a worm burner and you might break through and put a dent in someone’s Lexus. Nice!