Winter Rules, part 2

wrist rolloverIt’s that time again! Time to throw on your parka and try to play golf despite the bitter cold. Last year, we did a little write up on winter rules, those fun rules in golf that make it easier for you to fudge your score a bit when the temperature drops. Here are a few creative winter rules that will make winter golf that much more enjoyable.

Winter rule #1: More mulligans. Did you just shank your ball into a snow bank? Mulligan. Hit it into an ice-covered lake but don’t want to walk out on the ice without your skates? Mulligan. Heck, you can even take a mulligan if you don’t like where your ball landed on the green.

Winter rule #2: More provisionals. Did you just slice it off the tee far enough off the fairway so that you’d need a snowmobile to get your shot? Just drop a ball in a less snow covered patch of fairway and call it a day.

Winter rule #3; putting. Reading greens is tough enough as it is when they’re not frozen over with a layer of snow thick enough to build an igloo. If there’s a snowy patch on the green, seize the opportunity to move the ball to a flat stretch of green. No closer to the hole, wink wink.