The Secret to Accurate Approach Shots

approach shotAt first, accurate approach shots may not seem that difficult. After all, the possibility of a slice or hook is next to reduced by using a shorter club. But keep in mind that approach shots are key to saving strokes while putting. Hitting it stiff gives you a shot at a birdie or eagle. Also, hazards around the Green mean that even a small slip up around the green can lead to serious trouble. Yes, friends, accuracy for approach shots does matter.

Unlike drives, where you have the whole fairway to work with, approach shots require pinpoint accuracy. It’s all too easy to push or pull the ball off course. Begin by lining up carefully. Stand behind your ball and pick a spot two feet away. As you address the ball, you can sight over this spot and know you are locked in. Next, you need to avoid unnecessary rotation of the hands. Keep the flat wristed position and know you are dialed in throughout the swing.

This sounds easy, and it is easy once you get the right feeling. Until then it can be a real struggle. To get the right feel, and to engrain the feeling in your muscle memory, use the Pause-N-Throw swing trainer. It prevents over-cocking of the wrists and keeps the clubface square to the line of flight throughout the swing.

Believe me, once you get the feeling, you’ll look forward to a 100-yard wedge shot or a 160 yard 7-iron approach. As you swing, you’ll feel in the groove and look up to see you ball going up and down the flagstick.