Slice Stories: Knock on Wood

Recently I was playing a new, heavily wooded course. Myself and two golfing pals were put in with a newish golfer, who was well off enough to afford a nice set of Callaways, but didn’t yet know what to do with them. On a course where every fairway was lined with a formidable forest thick enough to hide Hansel and Gretel’s house, our new friend managed to escape a woodsy fate for the first few holes. But soon enough, he uncorked a lazy slice that led him deep into the woods.

My friends and I, safe and sound in the middle of the fairway, waited a good five minutes or so as the newbie found his ball, then desperately tried to extricate it from its precarious situation. Each shot was followed by a tremendous amount of crackling twigs, then the inevitable thunk of ball-meeting-trunk. After finally making it out, he remarked, “I thought knocking on wood was supposed to be good luck.”

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