Pause-N-Throw for Chipping

This chip is so awesome it will melt your face right off, wicked witch style
Accuracy is important in every shot in the golf game. From your first shot off the tee to your last putt on 18, you always need to get your shot on target. Here at Pause-N-Throw, we tend to focus on accuracy off the tee and fairway. But that doesn’t mean that Pause-N-Throw isn’t an essential tool for chipping as well.

Use the Pause-N-Throw for chipping to keep the wrist firm through impact. This has many uses. For starters, it will prevent the dreaded “chili dip” which kills accuracy. If you put the ball back in your stance, keep your wait on your forward leg, hold your wrists firm, and hit down on the ball, you’ll never serve up a chili dip again.

With improved chipping, you’ll make more one-putts. And you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to shave strokes off your game every round. Pick up a Pause-N-Throw and start chipping better today!