Par 5 Second Shots: Accuracy Tips

400 yard drive baby!Par fives, especially short ones, are seen as a place to make up for previous holes you messed up on. They’re an easy par or a potential birdie. But, once you get to the second shot, you’ll find that accuracy becomes increasingly important. Here are some tips to up your accuracy as you negotiate the second shot on your par fives.

On all but the shortest of par fives, your second shot will basically be a drive from the fairway (if you’re lucky, you’ll be in position to be on the green in two). This means that some of the factors that come into play when you’re driving apply. Don’t take too much of a backswing. We here at Pause-N-Throw recommend a flat wristed position that gives you great accuracy and ample power.

But, unlike a drive, your second shot will be off of grass. Normally this isn’t a huge deal, but the fact that you’re hitting longer will magnify errors. Last year we did a post on accuracy from a tight lie, which has some good tips for mastering an accurate shot from dry grass. As always, don’t forget the flat wrist, which you can learn from our device, the Pause-N-Throw. That way, you can master the par five second shot and be draining birdies on par fives in no time!