How to Build Accuracy on the Range


Even if you’ve followed our advice and built a home practice net, there’s still plenty to be gained from practice at the range. While it’s true that you can never fully replicate the mental effects of playing golf under pressure, playing at the range is the perfect way to drill the right motions for distance and accuracy when you get on the golf course.

Let’s have a look at accuracy first. Golfers see distance as being of primary importance. But without accuracy, distance doesn’t help you much. In fact, you just wind up deeper into the woods. Accuracy, more than anything, requires careful set up and practice to give you confidence in the correct swing path.

You will need to find the right swing path, and then groove the swing so it holds up under pressure. If you have a good pro, work with him, or her. If you’re on a budget, use your video camera to check your set up position and swing plane.

To help you lock that proper swing path is the job of the Pause-N-Throw. We have worked on this device for years to perfect a convenient and effective tool to ingrain the keys to distance and accuracy. It will give you the important flat-wristed position at the top of the backswing. Have a look at our home page for an overview of the benefits of the PnT.

image: flikr user Rob Boudon