Homemade Golf Supplies

coinWe at Pause-N-Throw golf are fans of helping you to find ways to avoid spending unnecessarily on golf equipment. Recently we brought you a how-to article on building your own golf practice net. Here are a few more quick fixes to get you on the links for less. Lord knows there’s nothing worse than having to spend ten bucks on a stupid ball marker.

Club wiper: here’s a good place to start: a homemade club wiper. Ever had a shirt that’s so old that it’s starting to rip, but nonetheless has a section that’s still nice and presentable? Cut out a square-shaped section of it, with a small circle in a corner. Now you can hook this cloth to your golf bag and you’ve got yourself a club wiper for whenever you have to play in the mud. Or just use an old washcloth.

Ball marker: that’s an easy one! Grab some change on your way out to play. A friend of ours uses a beer bottle cap – but you better hope your ball doesn’t hit it. You can even use a flattish old button with your name painted on it.

Ball mark repair tools: Long tees are perfect for this. Also, some courses hand out a U-shaped wire repair tool that is actually easier on the greens. It sure is better than just hammering the green back into shape with your putter!

image: ngccoin.com