Healthy Golf: Pedal Carts


All too often, we see in the foursome in front of us or behind us a group of goofily dresser, morbidly obese, stogie smoking links cruisers who spend almost the entire round with their butt planted in the seat of their golf cart. Probably the only time these fellas reach their target heart rate is when they get out of the cart to order a beer from the snack bar.

Don’t want to be like these guys? Well, one approach is to try a pedal cart or large tricycle on the links. Admittedly this isn’t easy to do. At nearly every private course on earth, the idea of admitting such a vehicle on the course would make high brow course management types’ heads explode. And to use these tricycles, you probably have to live near the course you’re going to play at.

Nevertheless, using a pedal cart is a way to play golf fast, as fast as with an electric cart., and still get in a significant bit of exercise. Or – brace yourself — you can even try walking!