Golfing After Wet Weather

For some of us, summertime is a time of dry heat with very little rain. But in other parts of the country, such as Florida (a haven for golf lovers), summer is monsoon season. Recently, one golf club in Florida was so drenched that many of the sand traps became unplayable quasi-water hazards. If you find yourself on a golf course right after a rainstorm, how can you play better?

First off, wear water resistant shoes. There’s nothing worse than setting out to play and being distracted by wet feet. Also, make sure to have other wet weather equipment – a towel, for instance, and clothes that resist mud. Your normal wet weather gear should do fine.

In terms of your actual playing techniques, there are several things you can do. Be careful of spongy wet ground and try to hit the ball thinner than normal. This goes for flooded sand traps, as seen above, as well. On the greens, the ball rolls a bit slower, so keep that in mind. And it helps to brush up on your “ground under repair” rules, which will help you if you hit it into a puddle.