Cure A Slice With Home Practice

It’s always good to get out on the golf course to practice, but practicing at home is equally valuable, allowing you to have constant reinforcement of the skill sets you need to play good golf. Especially if you’re trying to cure a slice, it’s helpful to groove the correct motion repeatedly, which means having a routine you follow at home. Ingraining the motion will help you to cure your slice, gain accuracy, and play better golf.

For those of you living in a house with a backyard, getting in a bit of practice isn’t that difficult. You can buy practice nets, or make your own. I living near the ocean and I bought used fishing nets from the Gulf of Mexico. When you practice at home, it’s a great time to use training aids to help you cure your slice or hook. Using this equipment is perfect for a relaxed training session. And speaking of training aids, why not have a look at ours: the Pause-n-Throw?

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still find a way to practice. You can try using a short club, like the one we use in this video. And of course, if you need to cure a slice, you can still use training aids indoors. Keep your putter in your TV room and practice four-footers while you watch the Who Cares Open on those Saturdays you can’t get to the course.

With regular practice, you can get your game on track and start shooting some low numbers.