5 Video Swing Fixes

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If you look at a video of your swing- and it’s easy to do with cell phones these days – I guarantee you will see at least one thing that will improve your swing. For me, I saw two problems: I was closed to my target line and I was picking up the club rather than turning away smoothly.

Ask someone to take a video of your swing down the line and from the side. If possible, download the videos to a computer and look at them frame by frame. If you can’t figure out how to do that, at least stop and start the video to check your position at address, at the top of your backswing and at impact. As you look at the video, check these five elements of your swing:

1. Set up. Are you square to the target line? Is your right shoulder lower than your right with a little more weight on your left side? Are your feet about shoulder width?

2. Do you start your back swing smoothly by turning rather than lifting?

3. Are you over-swinging? Many amateurs would do better with a shorter backswing which is more controllable. It’s also easier to get the right position in the downswing when the swing is shorter.

4. At the top of your backswing, is the back of your left wrist flat? If it is cupped, you will slice the ball. A Pause-n-Throw golf swing training aid will definitely help you achieve this position.

5. Do you start the downswing smoothly without casting the club out over the line of flight? The body should begin to unwind first and the clubhead should gradually pick up speed.

I know that a lot of golfers are resistant to seeing themselves on video. They say, “I can’t stand to look at my swing because it’s so horrible!” But your playing partners have to see your swing – and put up with the results. So man up, and take a look and start playing better golf.