Training Aids: A Chance Encounter

The other day, I was out practicing golf at my local course, using the Pause-N-Throw, as always. Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me: “Excuse me, what’s the name of that training aid you’re using?”

“It’s called the Pause-N-Throw.”

I went on to show the wrist action that it teaches and my new friend mimicked my motion. He said, “This feels awkward…” then took the club back and smashed a perfect 7 iron. A jolt of electricity went through his body as he saw what he was capable of.

I returned to hitting balls. Then, suddenly, I heard an amazed laugh. I turned to find my friend holding a broken shaft. “With this swing I feel like I can really go after it,” he said. “I guess I hit it a little too hard. My clubhead is out on the range somewhere.”

When I last saw him, he was working his way through the bag, hitting every iron he had. And marveling at the result of the Pause-N-Throw swing.