The Psychology of Longer Drives

It’s often said that golf is a mental game. Being as jacked up as Mr. Universe may help to a certain extent, but if you don’t get your head on straight, you’ll never do well. When you’re teeing off, here are a few things to keep in mind – literally.

First off, it’s important to free your mind of the rest of the round. If you step up to the tee box thinking, “Oh man, I really need a par on this hole after the last one where I shanked it into the drink,” it will be harder to hit a good shot. Instead, approach every tee shot as if you were hitting a ball at the range. When you take the pressure off yourself, you’ll do much better off the tee.

Another thing to do when you tee off is to simply let the motion you’ve already practiced take over. We spend so much time practicing, why let it all go to waste? (FYI, for this to work, you have to practice correctly, and for this we humbly recommend our training aid Pause-N-Throw, which we’ve worked hard on to make it teach you the right swing motion. Click here to try it!) When you tee off, instead of thinking, “I’m gonna knock the crap outta this one,” think, ”I’ve already learned how to swing right, I just need to do it one more time.”

Image courtesy of ebay user jdcooljosh