Practice Swing Philosophy


Practice swings: they can either help or hurt. Of course, good practice with the right swing – using effective training devices like the Pause-N-Throw – is the key to curing a slice, curing a hook, or boosting distance. But is it a good idea to do lots of practice swings right before you hit?

I was playing a round with a friend who was duffing lots of shots left and right. Then about halfway through the round, he took three practice swings and finally hit I straight. No slice, no hook. I told him his technique seemed to be working, and to take more practice swings. Unfortunately, on the next hole he took a practice swing, and then went back to slicking.

The point is, whether practice swings help or hurt your game can depend significantly. Make sure you feel out your reaction to them so you can use them optimally. With the right approach, they can be a good tool to curing a slice or hook.