Playing Golf Out Of Order

There’s no way to replicate the feeling of a good round of golf. Where you make it through all 18 holes with a good score, and you know you’ve earned it.

So when you have to play the holes out of order, scoring well can be a bit infuriating. Maybe I’m obsessive compulsive, but I don’t like just jumping around. But sometimes I’m forced to. This happened to me recently, during my infamous Super Bowl round. Play got so slow that after 9 holes we turned around and went back to the first hole. After making it to the 6th hole (for the 2nd time) we skipped ahead to the 12th hole. All this jumping around got me off track. So I reached in my bag and strapped on my Pause-N-Throw. After playing a few holes with the Pause-N-Throw on (I even use it for putting and chipping) my swing was back on track. We wound up playing a total of 27 holes, while walking. We finished just in time to see Katy Perry dance with a bunch of cartoon sharks. Goody.

My score was good, but still, it wasn’t the same as actually playing well. At least there was plenty of beer waiting for me when I got back.