Our Best Winter Golf Tips

We’ve been blogging for a while now at Pause-N-Throw, and every winter we do a series of articles on how to deal with winter golf. So, this year, we thought we’d do an overview of some of our best winter golf posts from earlier. Enjoy!

Planning a Golf Vacation For Winter

“Winter is a tough time for hard core golfers living in the frozen north. Being kept away from the game you love so much can really take its toll. Thankfully, there’s a perfect way to experience golf during colder months: a golf trip! Here are a few ways to plan a great golf excursion.”

How Golfers Can Train Over The Holidays

“First, take advantage of the fact that you have time off during the holidays. Get in a nice long practice session during the long week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Take time out to really drill the areas of your game you need to work on, but do them right. Though your local course may be closed, chances are there’s still a driving range or putting green you can use, even if it’s just astroturf.”

Winter Rules

“Informally speaking, winter rules mean you get to fudge a bit, especially when it comes to the lie of your ball (or lying about your ball). Snowed-in courses and debris everywhere mean that, if you play golf during Christmas or winter, you’re exempt from the a few of the normally draconian regulations given by the rules of golf.”