Focusing Under Pressure

There’s no doubt about it, golf is a mental game. As Sam Snead said, “85 percent of the game is played from the neck up.” And when the stakes are high, otherwise well-practiced solid golfers can sometimes totally fall apart. To golf well, you not only have to know the moves but also be able to focus under difficult situations, such as nail-biting short putts or narrow fairways, where a slice will kill your score.

First off, one good tip is to make sure you have a repeatable routine. Then, when you get under pressure, concentrate on the routine, not the outcome. This ensures confidence and mental stability, even when you’re in tough situations. Time spent practicing the basic motions will imprint a solid effective routine into your muscle memory and steady your nerves under pressure. Set up a good regular practice session, to fix slices and drill a good golf game. While you’re practicing, why not try our device, the Pause N Throw? It will engrain the right motion that puts you on plane rather than the dreaded “over the top” move.

There are a number of other techniques you can try as well to help you play good golf under pressure. Simple things like eating well and making sure you have a good diet can go a long way toward stabilizing your mental game. Try laying off the beer until the 19th hole. Also breathing and mental exercises before or during the game can do wonders. I’m in the habit of meditating before I tee off or using a device called the Stress Eraser instead, which helps lower your heart rate and keep your cool.