Curing a Slice: The Other Sites

I recently spent some time checking out what others are saying on the internet about curing a slice. The search “cure a slice” on Google produces a number of video results, but also reveals this rather encyclopedic post at that, although it appears on a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1996, is quite informative. The post best sums up its attitude about slicing in the conclusion:

“I believe that the cure of a slice must be causally connected to the cause of a slice – and because there are so many causes of a slice problem, there obviously must be many potentially useful remedial actions.”

Well said. In keeping with this attitude, the article points out numerous causes of a slice. As far as curing a slice, there are numerous prescriptions, one of which is a somewhat goofy looking swimming pool toy mounted on a microphone stand, designed to correct the path of your swing (a training device that is certainly less portable than Pause-N-Throw). But amidst all the ways to cure a slice, the author points out the importance of a flat wrist. Thank goodness, some people elsewhere seem to be getting it!