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Fixing a Slice Isn’t That Hard

It hovers like a dark cloud over many golfers’ heads: the slice. That awful thing that happens after so many drives and fairway shots, that yanks otherwise good shots offline and wreaks havoc with your game. Many golfers have given … Continue reading

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Are Golfers At Risk From Lightning?

There’s a memorable scene in Caddyshack – one of many – in which a local bishop decides to sneak in a quick nine holes before a storm building in the distance rolls in. The round starts off great, and the … Continue reading

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The World Cup of Golf

I hate to say we called it but… Well, who am I kidding, I actually love to say we called it. Nearly two years ago, we published a blog on a new trend called FootGolf. It’s pretty self explanatory: you … Continue reading

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Why Isn’t the Ball Going Straight?

It’s a complaint among golfers that is far too common: why isn’t the ball going straight? It feels like I’m doing everything right. What gives? There are a number of things that could be going wrong with your swing to … Continue reading

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