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Tiger’s Meltdown, Five Years Later

Has it really been five years? It still seems so vivid, the news breaking that Tiger Woods had been angrily chased out of his house and attacked by his then wife. And a week later, as the world would soon … Continue reading

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Graceful Golf Transitions

If you want to see all kinds of different golf swing styles on display, there’s no better place than your local driving range. Walk down the row of golfers at any driving range and just watch the transition from backswing … Continue reading

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Power Golf, Not Fast Golf

It may be tempting to want to get amped up mentally before you begin a round of golf. And in many ways this is important. But be careful of what instructions you give your brain before you play. Here are … Continue reading

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Golf Swings: Steep or Shallow?

One of our favorite Golfers, Mike Austin, loved to say that the golf swing was like “a Ferris Wheel, not a merry-go-round”. And he was right. In more precise golf parlance, the “steep” (Ferris Wheel) swing is widely recognized to … Continue reading

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Our Swing Style Endorsed by Leadbetter

Well, the headline is a little misleading but the idea is right. Our swing training aid, the Pause-N-Throw, started with the idea of a new type of golf swing, the Pause-N-Go Swing. We even wrote an e-book about it. Gradually, … Continue reading

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