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Practicing A Perfect Swing

I want every golfer in the world to buy a Pause N Throw. But I don’t want you to use it all the time. There are times to use it and times not to. You don’t necessarily have to wear … Continue reading

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How To Hit A Power Fade

Lee Trevino once said that all the amateurs are trying to draw the ball – and all the pros are trying to fade it. The draw is a power shot and the fade is a control shot. That’s because the … Continue reading

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More Good Reviews!

The good reviews for Pause N Throw just keep rolling in. Recently, a user by the name of Randy D. (as a courtesy, we’ve agreed not to give his full name or location) has gotten in touch with us to … Continue reading

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Golf: How to Break Through

Our company, Pause N Throw is a little different than most. That’s because because I am both the president of my company and an ordinary golfer. I routinely use the product I sell and it has, without a doubt, helped … Continue reading

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How To Break 100 (or 90)

If you’re shooting in the 100s, you probably want to break 100 and shoot somewhere in the 90s. If you’re in the 90s you want to be in the 80s. If you’re in the 80s you want to shoot in … Continue reading

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