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The Ultimate Pre-Golf Routine

As a dedicated golfer, your want to make sure you have the right routine to make sure you’re dynamite off the first tee. Here are three key elements that make up the ultimate pre-golf routine: • Eat right. Golf is … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Hazards Phase You

At Pause-N-Throw, we’ve spent a lot of amount of time talking about the mental game of golf. And one important mental component of the game is avoiding intimidation. When you see a water hazard or sand trap in front of … Continue reading

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Ode to the Public Golf Course

Golf is said to be the sport of the elite. Presidents and other heads of state spend hundreds of hours golfing (Barack Obama even hired famous golf coach Butch Harmon to improve his game). High flying businessmen cut million dollar … Continue reading

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Slice Stories: The Par 5

So far, our slice stories series has focused on slices hit off the tee. From knocking a dent in an oil derrick to raising the ire of a cantankerous crocodile, we’ve seen that there’s plenty of trouble to get into … Continue reading

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A Great Review for Pause-N-Throw

At Pause-N-Throw, we’ve found that one of the results of creating a good product is a whole lot of positive feedback. One satisfied user had this to say: “Let me just say that as a 56 year old playing my … Continue reading

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