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Good Problems: Driving Too Long

Long time readers of the Pause-N-Throw blog will recognize our fiend and intellectual champion of sorts (he supports a swing that the Pause-N-Throw teaches), Jaacob Bowden. As a golfer, Jaacob has a problem that many golfers would love to have: … Continue reading

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The Golf Swing Release, Explained

We at Pause-N-Throw are not afraid of tackling the most dense, technical, mind numbingly intense theoretical golf treatises out there. Remember when we tackled the Moment of Inertia and what it means for golf? Yeah, that was a classic. Now … Continue reading

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Classic Golf Book Features Flat Wrist

This is a picture of The Square-To-Square Swing, a book that was written back in 1970. It’s hard to find now since it’s been long out of print, but I was lucky enough to find it at my local library. … Continue reading

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Golf Book Review: Every Shot Counts

It’s the latest craze in golf books, but how will it help your golf game? Written by renowned business professor Mark Broadie, Every Shot Counts promises to answer the following questions (courtesy of the book’s Amazon blurb): “What does it … Continue reading

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