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Golf Accuracy: Connection, not Correction

I like to play golf with my sons from time to time. One of them once told me, “Whenever I hit the ball, I always hit it about 3 degrees left. So, whenever I aim, I just aim 3 degrees … Continue reading

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Best Pre-Golf Breakfasts

Usually, waking up means another slog through the daily grind at your work. But not today. You’ve managed to save up a sick day, or for whatever other reason don’t need to go in to work. And that means just … Continue reading

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Sometimes, the Slice is Right

We’re often told that slicing is bad, that it’s necessary to train hard to get rid of that pesky slice. About 99% of the time that’s true. But on rare occasions, a slice can give you a better opportunity than … Continue reading

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5 Video Swing Fixes

If you look at a video of your swing- and it’s easy to do with cell phones these days – I guarantee you will see at least one thing that will improve your swing. For me, I saw two problems: … Continue reading

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