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The Secret to Accurate Approach Shots

At first, accurate approach shots may not seem that difficult. After all, the possibility of a slice or hook is next to reduced by using a shorter club. But keep in mind that approach shots are key to saving strokes … Continue reading

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Key Golf Swing Tips for Distance

There’s nothing a golfer lusts for like distance. Sure, a well-rounded golf game requires more than just smashing your tee shots. But still, no one can deny the primal rush one gets from ripping a 300 yard drive. How can … Continue reading

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Planning a Golf Vacation for Winter

Winter is a tough time for hard core golfers living in the frozen north. Being kept away from the game you love so much can really take its toll. Thankfully, there’s a perfect way to experience golf during colder months: … Continue reading

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Our Top Posts from 2013

2013 is over, and it’s time to get nostalgic. Check out our top 10 posts from 2013! 10: How Realistic Is “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14”? 9: The Ball Marker Thief 8: How To Play Well on a New Course … Continue reading

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