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End Wrist Rollover With Pause N Throw

The dreaded roll over is the bane of many a golfer. And it’s a major cause of inaccurate shots, such as the snap hook or the smothered hook. But here’s the good news: by using Pause N Throw, you can … Continue reading

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Practice the Follow Through First

Most people would say that when you learn something, you have to start at the beginning. But in the golf swing, that’s not always true. To promote long, straight drives, take a practice swing that starts with the follow through, … Continue reading

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Pause N Throw Triggers Weight Shift

The golf swing is a complicated motion involving every joint in the body. Mike Austin compared the golf swing to a whip or a catapult. He also stressed the importance of leverage. That’s because a good swing uses a supple … Continue reading

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Video Tape Your Golf Swing!

At first, it seems a bit silly: getting out a video camera to look at your golf swing, when you would rather just feel it. And some golfers say they don’t want to see what their swing looks like. But … Continue reading

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