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The 1st Hole Accuracy Challenge

Recently we talked about the mental game of golf, and one situation that can wreak havoc on your accuracy for mental reasons is teeing off on the 1st hole of any course. In many rounds I’ve played with people I’ve … Continue reading

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Accuracy from a Tight Lie

With summer coming, here’s a shot you’re going to face sooner or later, the tight lie. Whether your region is experiencing an extreme drought, or you happen to be playing on a course where the sprinklers are broken, it helps … Continue reading

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Focusing Under Pressure

There’s no doubt about it, golf is a mental game. As Sam Snead said, “85 percent of the game is played from the neck up.” And when the stakes are high, otherwise well-practiced solid golfers can sometimes totally fall apart. … Continue reading

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Slice Stories: Oil Spill

We’ve all been in messy situations, but recently a golfing friend told me a story of someone he played with whose slice turned out to be a nasty spill for his game on the back nine of our favorite course. … Continue reading

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Cure A Slice With Home Practice

It’s always good to get out on the golf course to practice, but practicing at home is equally valuable, allowing you to have constant reinforcement of the skill sets you need to play good golf. Especially if you’re trying to … Continue reading

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Slice Stories: Duck Duck Goose

Sometimes, golfers talk about having a duck hook. Well, recently I witnessed something similar that could be called the “goose slice”. I was playing in a foursome of golfers who had all come alone to the course early – true … Continue reading

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The “Who Cares Open”

One of the things that’s so great about golf is that there’s no shortage of tournaments to watch. Nearly every weekend, the PGA has got some tournament somewhere around the country (usually in Florida) For us regular golfing Joes to … Continue reading

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Deep Bunkers: Don’t Get Caught!

You know you’re in trouble when you land in a bunker that has a staircase! Like this one here, pictured above. With six foot vertical walls, you’d better pull your lob wedge for this one, or better yet, call a … Continue reading

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Back Up and Running

Well, it’s been a bumpy ride for the last couple of weeks. What at first appeared to be a simple process turned out to be, well, not so simple. But after so much time and effort, we’ve finally moved our … Continue reading

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Famous Slices: Mickelson’s Mess Up

At Pause-N-Throw, we like to talk about how curing a slice can help to avoid slipups and bad rounds. But, ironically, sometimes not being able to slice can really mess things up. Let’s look at on famous example, courtesy of … Continue reading

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