Worst Golf Hats Ever

In Caddyshack, a movie we recently quoted in another blog, Rodney Dangerfield’s character insults uptight Judge Smaels’s hat: “Wear that to the buffet and they’ll give you a free bowl of soup.” Though no one’s really sure exactly what that means, it’s funny anyway, and it rings true since so many golfers take it upon themselves to wear ugly hats. Here’s a photo gallery of some of the biggest offenders.


The first result in a Google search for “ugly golf hat”, this plaid wonder is a great starting point for anyone willing to be bold enough to show off their bad taste.


With plenty of Red Sox fans in our family, it makes me sad to see such an atrocious rendition of an otherwise perfectly nice style of hat.


Here’s a fun one: a guy with three irons in a sombrero. Someone get this man a bag of nachos.

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