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PnT Video Vault: John Q. Duffer

It’s been a while since we’ve made any videos, but for a brief moment we here at Pause-n-Throw were cranking out short youtube clips faster than a Kardashian sister makes reality shows. Some were informative, others promotional, and some were … Continue reading

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Goofy Golf Videos: No Springs

For me and some of my friends and relatives, funny golf videos are a passion. Sure there are the classics: Caddyshack, etc. But there’s one short movie from the 40s, tangentially related to golf, whose cheesiness never ceases to entertain. … Continue reading

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What a Golf Ball Looks Like At Impact

It all happens so fast. You take the club back and – smack! You knock it out toward the fairway. Though it`s hard to believe, the ball actually contracts when impacted by such force. It’s this elasticity of the ball … Continue reading

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