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Can an App Help Your Game?

Golfers never tire of seeking ways to fix common problems, like slices and hooks. And in today’s world, where Silicon Valley churns out hundreds of mobile apps per day for nearly everything? Why not use an app to improve your … Continue reading

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Jack Nicklaus’s War on Golf Balls

Some people miss the good old days. And for golf legend Jack Nicklaus, those good old days ended when they stopped making golf balls out of goose feathers. In a recent article in Global Golf Post, Nicklaus is described as … Continue reading

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What a Golf Ball Looks Like At Impact

It all happens so fast. You take the club back and – smack! You knock it out toward the fairway. Though it`s hard to believe, the ball actually contracts when impacted by such force. It’s this elasticity of the ball … Continue reading

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A Golf-Friendly iPhone Cover

We all love our iPhones, but some of us golf lovers are looking for a way to make sure we can show our love of the links in iPhone form. And now there’s a perfect way to do so. Check … Continue reading

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