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Escaping from the Sand Trap

After a mishit from the fairway, I found myself face to face with the ultimate golfer’s nightmare: a monstrous seven-foot high wall of sand standing between me and the safety of the green. How could I escape? Getting out of … Continue reading

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Deep Bunkers: Don’t Get Caught!

You know you’re in trouble when you land in a bunker that has a staircase! Like this one here, pictured above. With six foot vertical walls, you’d better pull your lob wedge for this one, or better yet, call a … Continue reading

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Hitting it Straight, From the Bunker

There’s nothing worse than hitting a shot that looks like it’s going straight to the green, then selfishly nosedives into the bunker. When you’re in a bunker, especially on the green, having good placement is crucial to cleaning up afterwards. … Continue reading

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